Steve Jobs: 1955-2011 – An Era Over, But Too Soon…

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The day has come.  We were afraid of that and at the same time, wanted to put it off as long as possible.  Steve Jobs passed away this morning. When I saw the breaking news, I felt as if an era is finally over.

It was in mid 1980s that I saw the video of the round table discussion moderated by Peter Jennings (who was my favorite news anchor and passed away a few years ago to lung cancer.)   His well known speech at Stanford was my favorite and I quote it many times. His “Stay hungry and stay foolish”  is what I often tell myself when I feel discouraged as things do not go as I want or when things go wrong.

We are very fortunate that he lived until as long as he did…we have so much to thank him for. I am even more grateful that he believed in all of us as he made our lives both exciting and inspiring and his technology both beautiful and elegant.

May you rest in peace Steve Jobs!

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