Isabel Allende: Heart is What Determines our Fate

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Another inspiration on the TED stage last week was writer Isabel Allende, who is a woman of passion and truth. “What is truer than truth?” she asks the audience. “A story. A fearless soulful heart will always be the one to win.”


She continued, “Heart is what determines our fate. In my books, my characters need to bend the rules, they need passion. My characters are often strong passionate women.”

Born in Lima, Peru to diplomat Tomás Allende, who was the Chilean ambassador, she spent her life living in Peru, Chile until 1953, Bolivia, Lebanon and now resides in the states.


She talked of feminine energy, something I have not only been reading a lot about lately, but talking to women about and practicing. Ah yes, the importance of feminine energy. Here here Isabel. It is something we should embrace completely.

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