Getting Around in Buenos Aires – Taxis and Remises

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The best way for visitors to get around the city is by taxi. They are inexpensive, ubiquitous, available at all hours and will get you to your destination quickly. The taxis are unmistakable in their black-and-yellow. They are generally safe, but it’s best to stick with taxis that have their company name and phone number printed on them on the passenger door (I’ve indicated this with a red circle in the photo below). This indicates that they are properly licensed.

Cabbies, like many porteños (inhabitants of Buenos Aires), can be aggressive drivers. If you feel like your driver is trying out for a spot on the Formula One circuit, say “un poco mas despacio (des-PAH-see-oh), por favor.” – a bit slower, please. The drivers are usually friendly and often chatty if you engage them in conversation.

Fares are regulated by the municipality, and start at a little over US$1 ($3.80 in pesos). For most destinations in the center of the city, you would pay less than US$10. Tip your driver a couple of pesos if he/she is helping you with bags and luggage. Other than that, just round up the fare to the next peso or two. Make sure you have change (“cambio”) before you get in the cab, because invariably your cabbie will not have any.

Remises – a town car and driver – are also readily available for rides to airports or other situations where you may need more room and/or comfort for passengers and luggage.  My uncle passed along this list of licensed remises and taxis (gracias, Daniel!) and direct links to a few cab companies:

You also have the option of hiring a cab by the hour, for a minimum of two hours, at a rate of about US$11 ($37 pesos) an hour.

From Ezeiza

A remis ride from the international airport (Ezeiza) to the center will run about US$40 ($141 in pesos). You can hire a remis at the airport or make a reservation ahead of time.

A well known transportation company, Manuel Tienda León lets you make reservations on line.

A cab ride will cost about US$25 ($86 pesos). Taxi and remis stands are located at various points in Ezeiza (click here). There are also shuttle buses available. To make sure you don’t get ripped off, NEVER take a ride from a cabbie who approaches you as you leave the customs area. Go to one of the stands to ensure service from a licensed driver.

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