Best Dining Options in Buenos Aires

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Chances are you will have a positive dining experience in any restaurant you visit in Buenos Aires.  But if your priority is to go to the best restaurants the city has to offer, let me point you to some authoritative sources:

Arguably the most respected restaurant guide is Vidal Buzzi (in Spanish).  Their top ranked restaurants include:

  • Le Mistral – Contemporary Mediterranean, including tapas, at the Four Seasons Hotel.
    Posadas 1086, Barrio Norte Tel: 4321-1730
  • Tomo 1 – Contemporary Argentine, with excellent wine list, at the Panamericano Hotel
    Carlos Pellegrini 521,  San Nicolas  Tel: 4326-6695
    (It’s also my mom’s favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires)
  • Oviedo – Award winning Spanish cuisine,  Beruti 2602, Recoleta Teléfono: 4821-3741

Guia Oleo (in Spanish) offers a very complete restaurant guide.  Some restaurants at the top of their rating lists are:

  • Casa Coupage – Wine tastings, individual attention and New Argentine cuisine in an intimate setting.  Reservations required.
    Güemes 4382 1st floor, Palermo  Tel: 4833-6354
  • Nectarine – Superior French restaurant
    Vicente López 1661, Recoleta Tel: 4813-6993
  • La Bourgogne –  French cuisine in the beautiful Alvear Palace Hotel
    Ayacucho 2027, Recoleta  Tel: 4808-2100/4805-3857
  • El Baqueano – Exotic Argentinean meats and fish, including llama, boar and cayman
    Chile 495 and Bolivar, San Telmo  Tel: 4342-0802

Metropolis recommends that you try:

  • La Mas Querida – Pizzas with a modern twist
    Echeverría y Montañeses, Belgrano  Tel: 4788-1455
  • Hippopotamus – New Argentine cuisine
    Junin 1789, Recoleta Tel:  4802-0500
  • Fernet Bistrot – Spanish/Argentine in a romantic setting
    Juan Bautista de Lasalle 447  San Isidro  Tel:  4732-0539

My recommendation:

I had a delicious, memorable meal at Patagonia Sur, established by Argentina’s most famous chef, Francis Mallman. Steakhouse and northern and southern Argentinean cuisine.   Rocha 803 and Pedro de Mendoza, La Boca  Tel: 4303 5917
What’s Hot:

Peruvian food and Peruvian/Fusion cuisine are currently all the rage.  The Argentine Post has more details and recommendations, including the popular and highly rated Astrid Y Gaston – Lafinur 3222,  Palermo Tel: 4802-2991
Good deals and great eats:

The Taxi Gourmet hops in a cab and asks the driver to take her to his/her favorite restaurant which she then reviews.  On her top 10 list for 2008 :

  • Marta Corsico’s Former Gas Station Café – Argentinean comfort food. Viamonte 1363 and Talcahuano, Retiro
  • La Tranquerita – traditional stews, fare – Boyacá 996 – Flores, Tel: 4584 1441
  • El Litoral – steakhouse  Moreno 2201 and Pasco, Balvanera, Tel. 4953 2438

Other resources:

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