Argentina Presidential Elections 2011

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Presidential Elections 2011 in Argentina. The history of Argentina is vast and intricate, and would take several volumes to begin to explain it further, but by the way of introducing the topic enough to say that after 170 years of history, in 1983, Argentina began a consolidated democratic road up to today.

These are the most important elections since 1983 for several reasons:

. Crisis of political parties: In the last 30 years people of the same party have been implemented and promoted legislation / models totally with opposite principles, what has led to a crisis of political parties, and separation into right and left wing in every party.
. This crisis led to opposition candidates in the party, seeking to ally with similar candidates according to their views. The traditional parties are fragmented and the fragments align together, even with fragments of other parties.
. Participation of young people: A country made of immigrants from Europe, makes it very difficult national homogeneity, but little by little a nation’s identity is starting to germinate.
. Economic model: In the last 70 years dramatically changed its course many times. The result will be either the continuity of a model focused on local manufacturing and finance ended … or the return of finance to the detriment of production. The balance does not seem to be an option yet.
Government vs. opposition:
. Point in favor of government: local management of the economy, low external debt, much lower unemployment and increased industrial production. All this at the expense of having no credit and high inflation.
. Point in favor of the opposition: a return to international credit markets to restore your credit at low rates to lower inflation. All this at the expense of reduced growth, low production and rising unemployment.

As of today, the government would win in first round. Needless to say that Argentina is a very particular and complex country, with a very hectic political history (remember, we had over 50 ministers of economy in the last 50 years; that is an average of one per year!). Historically, the balance has always been extremely difficult to devise, let alone achieve. At that point, this moment is not unlike any other historical moment that the country has experienced.

With everything explained above is easy to see why, in October of 2011, the Argentines will have a very important decision to make: what kind of country do they want to live in?

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