Argentina Kicks Off Matt Lauer’s “Where In the World” Segment in 2008


Hats off to the Today Show team for a wonderful segment on Argentina. Matt Lauer and crew delivered a well-researched, accurate, and entertaining episode.  This was filmed last April – the beginning of fall in Argentina.  I can’t think of a better quick course on visiting Argentina.

Matt really seemed to enjoy his time in Patagonia, too. Nice poncho, Matt!  Did you know that the colors and patterns of the poncho indicate region and history, just like Scottish tartans?  That’s a subject for a subsequent post….

Paula Crerar
Born in Argentina, Paula Crerar moved to the United States as a child. She continued to visit Argentinean relatives every year in Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Córdoba and Salta. With the seasons reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, most of her stints in Argentina were spent in Patagonia skiing, and soon her shelf space was filled with ski racing trophies.

She has also lived and traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Latin American countries. Paula is currently a marketing executive in the technology industry and lives in Boston.
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