Recycled pot plants


Before you throw away your old paint cans or coffee tins, think about what you can do with them. With a bit of time, energy and creativity you can turn old, unwanted containers into attractive (and cheap) holders that can be hung in your garden or placed along a pathway with some of your favourite plants in them.

You will need:

Paint or coffee cans

Rust-Oleum painters touch spray paint

Masking tape and/or stickers for lettering/decorating

A hammer and some nails

Hooks for fence (if you want to hang your pot plants up)

Step 1:

Clean the tins of any dirt and labels – make sure you scrape off all the glue. Spray paint the tins with your colour of choice and allow them to dry for about two to three hours.

Step 2:

Use your masking tape to apply the design you would like to use. You can apply the masking tape in a striped pattern, or use the masking tape to create words on your tins. Now you can apply your second colour of choice. Leave the tins to dry thoroughly and then gently and slowly remove the masking tape.

Step 3:

If you would like a third colour/pattern add it now. You could add the stripes and words in different colours if you’d like. When you have applied the second masking tape design and have spray painted the tins, allow them to dry thoroughly before removing the masking tape slowly.

Step 4:

Use the hammer and nails to puncture holes in the bottom of your tins. This will act as the drainage systems so that your plants don’t drown when you water them.

Step 5: If you want to hang your newly made pot plant holders on your fence, screw the hooks in and place the pot plant holders onto them.

Step 6:

Before you plant your plants, add some gravel to the bottom of the tins and some potting soil. Plant your favourite blooms or herbs and wait for them to blossom.

Tip: Use outdoor spray paint to ensure your pot plants can withstand any season.

Jade Scully
Jade Scully is a copywriter excited about writing copy and stories, blogging about the world and editing. She currently and regularly publishes her stories on a number of blogs. Jade loves animals and hopes to begin writing copy for the animal rescue charity TEARS as her contribution to the cause.
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