New Zealand Postage Stamp of Queenstown


Postcard Queenstown, New Zealand


Once, twice, three times – three different years – I have been here to watch the sun send its rays in a final, flirting gesture towards The Remarkables, .

That first view I claimed as my own, a 12-month resident in this mountainous enclave.  The second glimpse came quickly, a brief stopover on my way to somewhere else.  And this, the third period of Queenstown, has been a two-week vacation inadvertently extended into seven.  But, no matter how long I stay or how often I leave, always those snowy peaks await my return.

“I’ll be back” is a constant phrase among visitors here.

Something about the New Zealand town – it’s energy, it’s friendly locals, it’s reputation for adventure, or, simply, it’s incomparable scenery – strikes a note of nostalgia in everyone.

Kelli Mutchler
Kelli Mutchler left a small, Midwest American town to prove that Yanks can, and do, chose alternative lifestyles. On the road for five years now, Kelli has tried news reporting and waitressing, bungy jumping and English teaching. Currently working with Burmese women refugees in Thailand, she hopes to pursue a MA in Global Development. Opportunities and scenes for international travel are encouraged on her blog,
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