From Christchurch to Queenstown & Beyond

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It’s going to be a while before some of us can enjoy a Christchurch to Queenstown road trip again. New Zealand’s border is closed to foreign travelers, a fact that doesn’t look poised to change until at least early 2022.

Whether you’re a Kiwi (or foreign resident), or an overseas tourist dreaming of your next holiday, there are few drives in New Zealand that offer such a succinct cross section of it than the “Mother Road” of the South Island. I’m talking about the drive between Christchurch and Queenstown, and various detours from it.

Some of you (again, Kiwis) are departing imminently, while others seek distraction from your sportsbook review and are planning travel in the distant future. No matter which group you fall into, I hope what you’re about to read informs and inspires you.

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