Witness A Grand Slam Tennis Title At The Australian Open


Each year, four international tennis championships – called Grand Slams – are held around the world, to determine the sports’ top athletes. Through January 26, 2014, Melbourne will hold the Grand Slam of Asia Pacific, the Australian Open.

Held at the Melbourne Park, matches are scheduled for both day and night sessions. Tickets can be purchased online, by phone or agent. Prices vary depending on the match session. Ticket holders can ride public transportation to and from the Parks’ arena, free of charge, during the Open.

Though tickets are coveted by the half million sports fans who will attend, the Open is also an excuse for one big city party. Matches are shown live on big screens in downtown’s Federation Square, with themed parties, sponsored beverage booths and entertainment lasting well after the final shot.


Kelli Mutchler
Kelli Mutchler left a small, Midwest American town to prove that Yanks can, and do, chose alternative lifestyles. On the road for five years now, Kelli has tried news reporting and waitressing, bungy jumping and English teaching. Currently working with Burmese women refugees in Thailand, she hopes to pursue a MA in Global Development. Opportunities and scenes for international travel are encouraged on her blog, www.toomutchforwords.com.
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