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Wine Bars In Melbourne

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It may not be as ancient as some European cities or as centrally-located as some American ones, but Melbourne is a diverse and exciting city. Home to hundreds of galleries, theaters and festivals, many world-class sporting events and a gastronomic scene to be reckoned with, Melbourne is arguably the culture capital of Australia.

When it comes to wining and dining, there is an endless range of excellent destinations to choose from, from chic inner-city restaurants to quirky Fitzroy holes-in-the-wall. But what if you want to focus on the ‘wining’ more than the ‘dining’ part? Never fear, Melbourne boasts a range of brilliant wine bars, too.

Here are five fun wine bars in Melbourne, Australia:

Wine Bars In Melbourne

Photo courtesy of The Press Club.

1. The Press Club

Luxe, dimly lit and fancily decorated, The Press Club is a suave wine bar. With wide, luxurious leather booths and an incomparable wine list, this bar is the perfect place to top off a special evening out, finish up an inner-city work day or meet up for a night out with friends. The Press Club’s menu is sublime, too.

Wine Bars In Melbourne

Photo courtesy of Heart Attack and Vine.

2. Heart Attack and Vine

A newcomer on the well-established Lygon Street circuit, Heart Attack and Vine sticks to the region’s Italian roots, though it is a far cry from the stereotypical, checkered-tablecloth restaurants that surround it. Chic, simple and atmospheric, this narrow bar offers fine Australian and international wines of all kinds. This bar is great in the early evening for an aperitif, or as the main event for your evening out.

Wine Bars In Melbourne

Photo courtesy of Black Pearl.

3. Black Pearl

There are plenty of fancy, sleek wine bars out there (hello, Press Club and Cumulus Inc.), but the best bars reflect the personality of their local neighborhood. Such is the case with Black Pearl, nestled in the heart of Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street. This popular shopping and dining thoroughfare may not be as edgy as it once was, but spots like Black Pearl keep that grungy side of things going. Head to this little bar for a cocktail or a glass of wine and lounge in one of its cozy corners, or the upstairs Attic space.

Wine Bars In Melbourne

Photo courtesy of The Toff in Town.

4. The Toff in Town

Up several flights of steps, in the heart of the city’s bustling Swanston Street, in between the equally glorious bars Cookie and Rooftop, lies The Toff in Town. The Toff’s seating arrangements are from standard; the bar is fitted out with old wooden railway carriages. These carriages make for a quirky and intimate atmosphere; shack up in one of the little pods with a bottle of red and chat the night away.

Wine Bars In Melbourne

Photo courtesy of Cumulus Inc.

5. Cumulus Inc.

Melbourne’s suburbs are bursting with amazing bars and restaurants, but the inner city rules the wine bar scene. In the beautiful gallery district of Flinders Lane, tucked away in a surprisingly airy basement space, Cumulus Inc. is one of the CBD’s finest restaurants and wine bars. Head to experience the luxurious atmosphere, the top-notch food and the excellent wine selection.

What’s your favorite Melbourne wine bar? Please share in the comments below.

Story by Gemma King. Featured image courtesy of Minerva Studio via Shutterstock.


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