Overweight? This Airline Charges Based on What You WEIGH!

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Scale. Image via asifthebes.

While fines for overweight luggage have been in place for awhile now, Samoa Airlines is implementing a fine that will charge people by their weight. Image above by asifhebes.com.

Said the airline’s Chief Executive Chris Langton, “People have always traveled on the basis of their seat but as many airline operators know airlines don’t run on seats they run on weight and particularly the smaller the aircraft you are in the less variance you can accept in terms of the difference in weight between passengers.”

Mr Langton went on to say he believes weighing passengers and charging them per kilo is the future of air travel, and that people would most likely be pleasantly surprised by the new system. Passengers are being charged $1 per kilo to $4.16 per kilo including the weight of themselves and their baggage, depending on the length of the flight. When purchasing the ticket online, passengers would input the total weight to get their price. In order to eliminate people lying about their weight, fliers will be selected at random at the airport to be weighed.

Personally, while I understand Mr. Langton’s point that people wouldn’t have to worry about overweight baggage fees anymore, this would be a serious inconvenience to those travelers who don’t check a bag and only travel with carry-on luggage.

What do you think of Samoa Airline’s pay-per-kilo pricing method? 

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