What i have missed in 2 years

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I just spent the week with the new group of volunteers who just arrived from America in June.  I quizzed them about new trends, music, and technology. It seems I’ve missed quite a bit – I even came up with a sample list of all the things that have happened or come out since I’ve been gone and away from media:

  • iPhone and Kindle
  • the campaign, election, and 200 days of presidency of Obama
  • Lily Allen
  • The financial crisis (the US seemed to be in decent shape when I left)
  • Lenovo buying HP (and plus all those new tiny laptops)
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Beyonce’s new Album
  • Windows Vista

And probably tons of other stuff that I just don’t know about.  So be patient with me if I get back and am more clueless than normal.

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