Party on the Back of a Truck


There is a peculiar form of marketing here in Accra.  At least, I think it is marketing, but it might actually be just a party.  Every week or so I will see that a company, group, or school has rented a flat bed truck, given about 20-50 young adults a t-shirt with their logo, and put the youths and speakers on the truck to be driven around town slowly.  Some dance, others walk along side the truck.  The speakers tend to be about 5-feet tall.  In fact, it is a lot like a parade float, without the decorations, and without the parade.

I’m not sure what the point is.  Usually the only logo on display is on the T-shirts, which is too small to see from a distance.  So I see the event, but I have no idea who is sponsoring it and why.  The folks gyrating together on the truck seem to be having a good time, but I feel like and old person when I see them; I always think they must be really hot in the sun.  Do they get paid to be there? Is the t-shirt enough payment? Or is this just a good time? How far does the truck go, and do the cars behind them mind that they are holding up traffic? I have so many unanswered questions.

Rebecca Hunt
After 10 years as a techie in the United States, Rebecca Hunt joined the
Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa. She taught computer skills and
business skills in a medium sized city. After 2 years in Togo, she
moved to Accra, Ghana to work in a internet and mobile telephone
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