The Quaintness of Massachusetts Seaside Town Rockport


There’s something special about New England. I don’t know if I can put my finger on it, but renting a car and driving through New England (especially in the Fall or Autumn) is quite special. I visited Rockport, Massachusetts on my most recent visit to the region. Even though I lived in Boston for years, I’d never made it up the coast to Rockport. The quaint seaside town sits on the tip of Cape Ann, just a few miles from Gloucester, another quaint New England town.

I’m fairly certain much of the tourism to Rockport and Gloucester is focused on weddings and romantic getaways. And it’s no surprise why! Just look at all the beauty in the details…

Cape Ann, MA

Pass at own risk

live lobster


Rockport shop

Bear Skin Neck

Rockport harbor


Autumn, Rockport

Sidewalk cafe in Rockport

Gloucester coffee

Gloucester restaurant

Cape Ann olive oil


Adam Groffman
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