The Four Seasons Baltimore's Spa, For Pampering & Stunning Views of the Harbor


Who doesn’t love a luxurious spa treatment from time-to-time? And, truth be told, body work is something that your body craves — touch is essential to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Massage moves toxins through our bodies and a pampering environment and ambiance helps us to relax and forget about our stresses for awhile. What a better place to get a l’il pampering than a Four Seasons property? On an East Coast jaunt last month, we had the opportunity to experience the Four Seasons Baltimore, which sits on the fabulous harbor, all of which boasts glorious views. (be sure to read my write-up).

As part of that experience, I had a spa treatment while on-site, which couldn’t have been a perfect way to wind down the day. Since it was summer, we spent a lot of time on the water, whether that be on a harbor cruise, a sailboat or in the pool (the Four Seasons has a fabulous outdoor pool and jacuzzi btw), so given the circumstances, it didn’t make sense to have a facial. Since I’ve been testing out a number of massages lately (from east coast to west coast of the states, the Caribbean and Europe), I went for a detox body treatment.

They offer a fabulous 80 minute detox, which starts with a dry brush technique to help exfoliate the skin, stimulating lymphatic drainage and circulation. As clinical as that sounds, it’s essential to move toxins through to avoid poisons getting stored in parts of our body that can ultimately lead to disease over time. This is particularly important as we get older.

They use nutrient-rich algae and let it soak in, all while you’re getting a relaxing head massage. The head is a sensitive spot and a key trigger point for relaxation — when my acupuncturist puts needles in the top of my head in the most sensitive of spots, it dramatically increases the likelihood of me relaxing and even falling asleep.

The rooms are very calming with soothing nature-rich colors and flowers.

You can also get scrubs of course. One worth noting is their hydrating beer and sugar scrub and massage that will awaken the mind, body and senses. The scrub is a blend of iconic Baltimore staples –Natty BOH beer and Domino Sugar– and the treatment includes a full-body exfoliation, scalp massage with the beer, warm shower and full-body massage focusing on key areas.

Beer is great for the hair, since the proteins found in malt and hops repair damaged hair and boost overall body. The maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair’s cuticles for enhanced shine. Applying beer topically can clear up your complexion, treat dry flakes, and smooth texture. Its also kills off bacteria that triggers acne. It’s not a factoid that most people know however truth be told, I learned about this early on in life since I was one of those teenagers who suffered from acne and we used beer back then, applying it as a paste.

They have a fabulous steam room which I used on a few occasions — the released steam is infused with aromatherapy oils to help cleanse and detoxify your skin — I wish all steam rooms used oils as part of their steam release. I migrated between their glorious steam room and their Finnish Rock Sauna, which helps to relax the muscles. I try to get into a sauna whenever possible especially after I work out — the intense heat offers a purifying effect as well. Not the experience for me, the Ice Fountain is common among Scandinavians who like to move back and forth between cold and hot. It does have health benefits as “chilling” as it sounds — cooling the body allows for better penetration of heat into the systems of the body and help to increase circulation. That said, it’s not something I’ve ever enjoyed, but it’s there for the taking among the braver of you.

They also have a Lifestyle Shower – options include Body Jets, Tropical Rain and Arctic Mist. After and before your treatment, they have very serene waterfront relaxation rooms where you can hang out, read a magazine, sip some lemon water or a cuppa tea.

They have an extensive offering of treatments for those with more time. I’ve become a huge fan of hot stone massages and here, they use smooth river stones to warm the muscles to promote deep restorative relaxation and it always works — I feel like a different person after a hot stone massive….simply transformative. At the Four Seasons Baltimore spa, they also have a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, which is a little different. Himalayan Salt Stone massage is an innovative healing technique and restorative massage that provides deep relaxation and helps to balance body, mind and spirit. Therapists use warm Himalayan salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians. Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants.

Of course, they have reflexology, pre-natal massages,  wedding treatments and something referred to as a Night Spa, where exclusive late night access is given from 9:30 pm – 12:30 am to enjoy the spa facilities. A few other scrub treatments worth noting is the Harbor Scrub, a three-part treatment starting with a hydrating scrub, the Ginger Renewal, which uses earthly minerals and Ginger Oil,  the Lavender scrub, which includes a warm wrap with pressure point scalp massage and a full body massage with warm, healing stones.
Of course, they have an extensive list of facials as well. Key to this spa however is the calming and relaxing ambiance, inside and out.

The spa leads straight out to the outdoor pool, which is heavenly during summer and warmer months in Baltimore. The pool bar at night is dreamy and relaxing and you can get cocktails to further relax you at the end of your day, whether you’re there for business, romance or family pleasure.

They also have a gym on-site which faces the harbor, so you’re sure of stunning views whether you’re on treadmill or Elliptical. Not all gyms have machines, but they not only have machines on the premises, but free weights as well as complimentary bottles of water in a fridge on the premises.

All photos courtesy of Four Seasons Baltimore Hotel and Spa.


Four Seasons Baltimore Spa

200 International Drive

Baltimore, MD 21202 

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