Thanksgiving Menu Planning: One Girl’s Opinion

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If there’s one thing I love it’s a good list. Or a good stack of cookbooks just waiting to be read – and made into Thanksgiving shopping lists!

This year I’m celebrating Thanksgiving with a dinner party – turkey and all the “fixins”. Which includes in no short order:

  • Pie
    • pumpkin
    • pecan
    • apple
  • Turkey
    • gravy
    • stuffing
  • Cranberry sauce (with orange zest and Thyme)
  • Potatoes Dauphinoise
  • Green beans
  • Sweet potato casserole with pecan crumble
  • Cornbread …or  regular yeasted bread…to be decided
  • clam chowder (to start)
  • green salad
There are just a couple of rules about Thanksgiving in my mind; namely, there has to be some over-the-top turkey themed decoration. And there has to be cranberry sauce and at least 3 kinds of pie. You can’t have Thanksgiving without pie in bulk – it’s just one of those facts.
Also, everyone has to say what they’re thankful for. It’s what separates a Thanksgiving dinner party from just your average dinner party (And pie. Did I mention pie? Lots of pie.).

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