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In case you haven’t noticed, summer nights are WARM (and are only going to get warmer). To ensure you continue to get a great night’s sleep, make sure you update your bedding for the upcoming months.

Put the comforter in storage
You definitely won’t need your heavy winter blankets for awhile. Take them off your bed and replace them with lightweight ones. Wash the comforter before storing so it will be ready to go in autumn. To clean, make sure you have access to a large-capacity washer (don’t try to shove a big, fluffy comforter into a regular washing machine; most laundromats have large washers and dryers you can use if you don’t have them at home). Dry thoroughly before storing.

Change your sheets
It sounds insane to me, but some people leave heavy fabric sheets on the bed all year long. I can’t imagine sleeping on flannel in August (shudder!). Invest in some lightweight sheets to keep you cool when the temperature rises.

Crack a window
Tossing and turning all night because you’re sweaty and miserable is no fun. Air conditioning is always an option (though an expensive one), but you can also take advantage of cool night air by simply opening your window (just make sure the AC is off when you do, otherwise you’re wasting money). Bump up the cool by adding a fan to the equation. Other benefits of sleeping with an open window? The smell of summer air, sound of birds in the morning, and a nice breeze in your bedroom.

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