STYLE: The Urban Fashion of Canada’s Winnipeg

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Every time I go to a new city, I’m always curious about its fashion scene. Fashion. Urban fashion, Rural fashion. AND, everything in between, which is their design, what they use, don’t use and why.

I’m curious about the style of the people, the style of the buildings, the design of the shops, the restaurant culture, the arts scene, and the kind of art that people get into and why.

I’m curious whether they wear hats, what kind of food they eat, whether they’re casual or more formal and where they hang out on a Saturday night.

I’m curious about the kinds of fashion women in their twenties gravitate to, is the male youth in blazers and brogues or sneakers and sweatshirts?

I want to know what lights them up. And doesn’t.

I’m curious how they dress in the dead of winter if its cold, and if they shed more skin in the summer because bundling up in 10 layers for six months a year means they’re yearning to let loose when spring hits.

I’m curious how people dress in the rich suburbs and how it compares to urban neighborhoods or does it?

I spent a lot of time in Winnipeg’s Exchange District on my recent trip to Manitoba. Many of the shots I took below reflecting Winnipeg’s ‘style’ was taken in that part of town, although there are photos from the BBQ & Blues Festival, the business district, the Forks district and on Higgins Avenue which is a clear shot on the other side of town in what I’d refer to as industrial urban.

Below was taken in Hilary Druxman, who is known for her exclusive jewelry designs and non-profit work in Africa. The below shot is of the woman who helped me in the store, not Hilary who I had an opportunity to connect with for only a minute as she was dashing off to an event.













Yuri, outside vintage clothing shop Ragpickers in the Exchange District.













Friends of….along McDermot.













The Exchange District.












Jodi at the BBQ & Blues Festival.

Dance competition in the Graffiti Art Gallery on Higgins Avenue.

Outside Graffiti Art Gallery.
























Dance competition in the Graffiti Art Gallery on Higgins Avenue.











Ragpickers Vintage Clothing Store on McDermot in the Exchange District.

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