Sailing in Camden

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Mead and Gail of Etymotic sponsored a boat and took a group of us sailing over lunch in the Camden harbor. Sailing in Maine towards the end of October isn’t a warm and balmy experience, but it is a beautiful one.

Color explodes around us as we listen to our female skipper tell stories about the area. One of the islands nearby was called Nigger Island (named after a slave) until they were forced to change it in the 1960s. Now its named after a wealthy publisher – isn’t that the “American way?” Why didn’t they name it after the slave?

We bundled together under blankets to keep warm and oddly enough exchanged stories about our experiences in exotic hot spots around the world.


When we landed, and I was walking back towards the Camden Opera House for PopTech’s afternoon sessions, I was reminded of oh so many New England things that I just left behind. The straw brooms with pumpkins, acorn squash, apple cidar, the American flag, the brick buildings, the small quaint pedestrian roads, the cool crisp autumn air.



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