Lake Merritt Runs

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My East Bay experience is coming to a close. As I ran around the lake again today, I was amazed how connected I felt to the area despite my short stay or perhaps it was that I could “see” myself living in this hood – the hood close to Lake Merritt, with easy access to Piedmont and College Avenues, not far from the Berkeley hills where you can actually hear the birds in the morning.

In just over two weeks, I’ll be moving my life over the bridge to San Francisco. I make it seem like its on the other side of the country, and yet I’ve noticed a distinct difference between East Bay culture and lifestyle and the City.

I may just have to dedicate one day a week to a Lake Merritt run, a stop at Juice, etc. on Piedmont for my daily shot of wheatgrass and the adjacent Wells Fargo branch where I can exchange a few words with funny bank manager Mary who has that terrific sassy and edgy New York style.

Every day, Lake Merritt has become part of my routine and its the place I go to regain serenity and gratitude amidst so many odds against me in this dramatic move west. How could this place not remind you of serenity and gratitude?





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