Robotics Conference Attracts Global Pioneers

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50yearsof robotics The Willow Garage guys have been in Alaska for the past week at the ICRA, the International Conference on Robotics & Automation.Imagine being in Alaska with some of the best innovators and developers in robotics. The theme of this year’s conference was ”50 Years of Robotics,” reflecting on the amazing achievements in the field and the broad impact of robotics and automation research, development and education. The conference drew more than 1,575 attendees and featured 857 papers, 8 keynotes celebrating half a century of robotics, 3 plenary lectures and 42 workshops.

Client Willow Garage had three PR2 robots running demos in the booth and a Texai occasionally roaming around the exhibition area, driven by employees back in Menlo Park. They managed to capture some incredible photos inside and out.

Alaksa photo

They helped organize a number of workshops, including a ROS tutorial – more information on ROS here. By the end of the day volunteers were able to use Willow Garage’s PR2 robots to autonomously retrieve an object from a table. The 100 participants at the Workshop on Mobile Manipulation created a lively and wide-ranging discussion about the direction of the field.

Additionally, the 80 participants at the Best Practice Algorithms in 3D Perception and Modeling for Mobile Manipulation workshop saw in-depth presentations and discussion about the state of the art of 3D perception and modeling.

Below, a PR2 robot gets a refreshment (taken from the Willow Garage flickr set).

PR2 gets refreshment

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