Return of the Hakuna Fritata

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The beloved Hakuna Firtata! It had to make an appearance sometime during the Hunger Challenge! I saved it for the last day, so the Bottomless Pit and I could both have it for brunch. The BP gave this fritata (a riff on a recipe by Hunger Challenger Vanessa Barrington, who has a new book out, BTW) it’s name due to the tangle of spachetti inside it that resembles a lion’s mane.

The Hakuna Fritata! This year, tricked out with leftover chunky pasta sauce

Hakuna Fritata

4-5 eggs
A handful of cooked spaghetti
1 carrot, small dice
1 green onion, sliced
1 small clove garlic, minced
2 Tbs parmesan cheese (or 1/4 C grated cheddar cheese)
Any oher veggies you feel like tossing in
Optional: leftover pasta sauce

In a non-stick skillet, aute the vegetables until softened and lightly browned. Add the spaghetti and saute until warmed through. In a separate bowl, beat eggs wtih a fork. Add egg mixture to skillet and tilt to distribute evenly. Sprinkle cheese on top. Turn heat down and cover. Cook until just set. Serve with warm pasta sauce. Serves 2.

I wasn’t sure if the chunky pasta sauce I’d made a couple of days ago would be good with the Hakuna Fritata – but wow! It was delicious!

We ate pretty well today, partially because of my paranoid hoarding of Days 5 and 6. There were strawberries and tomatoes and a pear left. We had the two leftover stuffed acorn squash for dinner.

We have leftover bread, milk and pasta. There are a few stalks of celery and two carrots. The BP has an uneaten peach! How could he not eat that peach?!

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