Reflecting On Those 2013 Travel Highlights!

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As I began reflecting on the 2013 year, I realized it has been a watershed year for me in so many ways. What an incredible year of personal growth and professional reflection, where projects and encounters I didn’t think would be diverse and creative ended up being more powerful because of what they didn’t offer more than what they did. I experienced calmer and more serene waters, and re-ignited with nature in a way I haven’t since childhood.

As the 2013 year begins to close to an end, here are some photo highlights from the year.


Northern CAlifornia

Chile 1

Chile 2

Estonia 1

Estonia 2

Iceland 1

Iceland 2

Back east

Be sure to check out the photos and blog posts from Iceland, Lithuania, Estonia, Kentucky, Finland, Greenland, Adirondacks & Upstate New YorkYosemite National Park and Chile.

Happy Holidays & A Toast To An Incredibe 2014!

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