Portland’s New Seasons: More Bike than Car Parking Space

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1106840_bike_with_basketAn upscale Wholefoods-style grocery store in Portland, Oregon called New Seasons has enjoyed massive success and plans to open their seventh store pretty soon.

What’s really cool about this store located in the dense inner-city has parking for cars on their roof and lovely bright blue staples lining the front of the store for customers to park their bicycles.

The bike spots (50) outnumber the car spots (36), and it may seem like a trivial aspect of the new store to pick up on but this is a great way for the shop to encourage their city-dwelling customers to take a leisurely cycle down to the store instead of driving their cars and guzzling unnecessary gas.

They even have a bike-sharing project in the pipeline (it was rejected for the time being as it is too expensive). Seems this new grocery store is doing more for its community already than most shops in the city do in a lifetime.

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