Pastor Corey Brooks aka “Preacher on a Roof”

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Pastor Corey B. Brooks has been camping and praying on the top of the roof of a vacant motel for 27 days now. This is in response to a promise that he made to a grieving mother that it would be safe to have the funeral of her son at his church.

Pastor Corey B. Brooks declaring "We Need A Change"

He felt that he had let her down when gunfire erupted outside the church during the funeral. This situation caused him to pledge to live in a tent to raise $450,000 to purchase the vacant Super Motel across from his church to build a community center. So far the church has raised $70,000. Pastor Corey B. Brooks is seeking individuals and organizations to offer  donations to reach  the goal of  $450,000. He has vowed to remain on the roof until the fundraising goal has been reached. He would love for it to happen by Christmas, but if it doesn’t, he is prepared to be there for the long haul.

Pastor Corey B. Brooks "Preacher on a Roof"

Pastor Corey B. Brooks envisions a community center with retail stores restaurants on the ground level and housing on the upper floors. He has a great  belief and imagination for this vacant motel.

Vacant Super Motel 6624 S. King Dr. Chicago, IL 60637


What make him think that he can build this type of facility on the South side of Chicago?


Pastor Corey B. Brooks wants people to know that he has taken a drug infested, depilated building that was used for Rave Parties which was frequented by suburban white teens and built New Beginnings Church at that location. He invites people to come visit New Beginnings Church at 6620 S. King Dr., Chicago, IL 60637; 773-326-4200, He wants people to see what they have built in this poverty-stricken Woodlawn area.

New Beginnings Church Chicago 6620 S. King Dr. Chicago, IL 60637


I took the opportunity to tour New Beginnings Church and was blown away by the modern technology, bright colorful graphic designs and the expansive facilities. Pastor Corey B. Brooks’ vision for this church is one of excellence. He believes the Woodlawn residents deserve the best. New Beginnings Church houses a recording studio, a fitness center, and children’s church school. I am a Chicago resident who has passed this church millions of times. I never realized what existed in this community. I was completely amazed by the church’s facilities.

New Beginnings Church Chicago Body By God Fitness Center

New Beginnings Church Chicago Master's Academy

Instead of gentrification, Pastor Corey B. Brooks is bringing suburban facilities to the South of Chicago. He and his church members have held several prayer vigils  at the church. They are praying for peace, community development, housing, employment, social services, economic empowerment, and a community center.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Marching



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