Celebrate Mexico at Xcaret Park

Mayan Village Pre-Hispanic Dances

Mayan Village Pre-Hispanic Dances

May is the month of  Xcaret Mexico’s special event “Travesia Sagrada Maya” or the “Sacred Mayan Journey”. It is a recreation of the ancient ritual pilgrimage of the inhabitants of the Yucatan Peninsula from “Pole” to “Cuzamil”, today’s Cozumel. The ancient Mayans journeyed to worship the goddess Ixchel and to consult her oracle. This rec-creation is the only one of its kind in the region.

The journey invites everyone through discipline, a positive attitude, faith and teamwork to contemplate the link between the forces of nature and mankind. For more information about this special event visit Xcaret Park at www.xcaret.com.


Janice Temple
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