Pamper Yourself at August Moon Spa in the Heart of the Finger Lakes

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On the same premises as La Tourelle Resort, which is nestled on very pretty rural settings just outside the center of Ithaca New York, you’ll find the luxurious French-influenced August Moon Spa, which offers all the services you’d expect from a destination spa, plus two Tranquility Rooms where you can relax and enjoy any of the offerings from the on-site restaurant The Bistro.

Above shot taken of the outside of the resort — photo credit: La Tourelle

Above shot taken from our room which overlooks the peaceful grounds — you can see just how green it is; there are areas to sit and relax amidst a large lawn surrounded by trees…

I spent more time in the spa’s tranquility room with the fireplace, however the room pictured below is even more calming with lit candles, wooden statues, comfy pillows and soft lounge chairs. There are tea and water stations in both relaxation rooms where you can breathe it all in before or after your treatment. Even if you don’t have a treatment, you can enjoy their on-the-premises sauna and steam rooms which I wished I had more time to experience.

Consider their spa a bit of a sanctuary that will bring out all your senses — they tout their spa as a “fusion of where East meets West.”

Many, myself included before this trip, may not realize the natural resources that come from the Finger Lakes region. August Moon apparently incorporates many organic and local ingredients from the region into their treatments, including top-grade maple, and vino-therapy from the local wineries which I was thrilled to discover. I’m always a fan of a spa that truly utilizes natural resources from their own region and uses as many organic products as possible.

Above photo credit: August Moon Spa

I love the fact that not only do they offer traditional facials and massage treatments, but they have a variety of unique treatments as well, including a maple walnut sugar scrub that uses local maple sugar to gently exfoliate blockages and is followed by a sweet orange deep moisturizing application. There’s also something they refer to as a Wide Awake Coffee Scrub, which combines coffee grounds with organic cane sugar and sesame oil and subsequently a Cypress and Eucalyptus deep moisturizing application.

Above shot taken just outside the door to the spa

Their Finger Lakes Riesling and Sea Salt Scrub is designed to exfoliate the skin though it also uses a Pure Lavender deep moisturizing treatment after the scrub process. The ever so fun and detoxifying Antioxidant Wine Trail Wrap repairs and restores aging skin using powdered regional grape seeds and lavender grape seed oil. Another detoxifying treatment is their Algae Wrap which not only acts to detoxify your system but stimulate your skin with a lemongrass and ginger application at the end of the treatment. Next time, that’s what she’ll do, “she thinks” out loud!

For those into mud wraps (that would definitely include me — I love them), consider the Moore Mud Wrap which promotes collagen synthesis in the muscles to plump and tighten the skin. I didn’t get a wrap this time around, but went for a combo massage and facial treatment which I would recommend — in other words, a dual treatment that touches on different modalities and parts of the body is an integral and powerful way to relax your entire ‘being,’ in addition to the benefits it provides your skin. After all, wellness is truly about the inside out more than it is the outside in. Being present while you have a treatment will go a long way in getting you “grounded” and actually feeling the experience you signed up for – I can’t emphasize this enough!

Photo credit: JimmyMcCloud

The favorite part of my August Moon experience was spending time in the tranquility room and experiencing their Zen Hot Stone Massage, which is a full body massage that uses heated basalt stones to calm and release deep set physical tension – love love love this!. Their approach to hot stone massage is a little more delicate here vis a vis other places I’ve been; very little pressure is applied — my experience having a hot stone massage has been different at other spas in that they actually use the stones to go a little deeper (be clear about what you want before you sign up for a treatment, whether that be at August Moon or any massage center or spa — clear, honest communication up front is the best approach to having a successful experience). 

What I love most about hot stone massage is the heat that penetrates your skin, allowing your muscles to relax in the process and afterwards — I was incredibly loose and zoned out at the end, which made relaxing in their lounges even more unwinding especially with a cup of mint tea and fashion magazine in hand.

Facials worth noting include their Enzyme Therapy Facial, which is a non-chemical, fruit based enzyme treatment that clarifies, brightens and softens the skin, their Pigmentation Therapy Facial which uses Lactic or Alpha-Beta solutions and the best anti-aging option which I tried, the Oxygen Therapy Facial, which targets fine lines and wrinkles and aids in boosting your skin’s natural collagen synthesis. I noticed a smoother skin texture afterwards and 24-48 hours later, I found that my pores were smaller and my forehead was tighter with less creasing. Bravo — two thumbs up!!

Above shot taken as you enter the resort, a quirky and creative addition which adds to the place’s charm


August Moon Spa

1150 Danby Road

Ithaca, NY 14850

(607) 256-2772


Note: my “technical/actual” description of the treatments was extracted from their website to ensure I provided an accurate description of what they provide, the ‘materials’ they use and their approach. Albeit hosted for this treatment, as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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