Mankato Minnesota

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Wasn’t Mankato the name of the place Charles Ingalls used to ride his horse and carriage to for lumber and other specialties the Olsen country store didn’t carry? The things we remember from our childhood….what about something more historical or cultural? We’re so wired to care about American popular media and programming. And yet as a result of this wiring, I’ve always wanted to visit Mankato.

Not much to say about Mankato itself…….it was ghostly quiet when we arrived. My only discovery was a characterless barber shop a few miles away. Out of all my barber shop stops, this was the most disappointing. The barber was also not amused when he saw me snapping away and I had this eerie feeling that if we didn’t drive westbound quickly, the local sheriff would have arrived on the scene.

We also found a funky health food store near Mankato and hung out for hours while we chatted with the locals about the limited social scene, ate fruit with flax seeds and secretly wondered whether the sheriff was looking for our out-of-state license plate.

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