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my morning walk… made me think of place… of experience… of how I feel when I am in a new place or a place away from my home or in this case the place that is my ‘home’

I am visiting Wisconsin right now, the place I was born. My parents still live in the same house I grew up in, in the countryside, outside of a small community.

When I am back here, I am, somehow, amazed at the complete beauty of this place I do call ‘home’. The lush green rolling hills, the bur oak trees standing tall and proud amongst the bean and corn fields. The humid air filled with the songs of the birds make my heart long for my home, as I was walking through it, in it, feeling nostalgic, as I do, in most places, but this place… my birth place, the place that is most familiar to me full of such life gives me a strong feeling of place. of home. of love…

A sandhill crane flew up from the knee high corn and whooped its way, low in the sky to find a new landing spot on the other side of the sparsely traveled country road. A group of yellow finches landed on the tall grass growing in the ditch. The frogs croaked and the cows grazed. I walked and I felt the warm moist air on my skin and walked surrounded by the trees the green green beauty of the Wisconsin countryside. Oh how I love my home…

It is wonderful to be here..

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