Founders Less Than Three, a Funny, Sexy Novel About Startups

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HalleyFounders Less Than Three
is a funny, sexy novel about 10 start-ups with 5 CEO girls, 5 CEO guys and their race for funding and fun.

The author? Boston-based Halley Suitt Tucker who doesn’t think that there are enough entrepreneurs starting companies and creating jobs.  Especially women entrepreneurs.

The novel is a funny, sexy story about a Boston-based accelerator where female and male founders and their teams fight it out to make their start-up company the next big thing.

It’s a book with solid entrepreneurial advice, adventures, laughs, love and all the twists and turns starting a business involves, as they race towards their demo day, when the teams show off their start-up ideas and see who gets the best deal.   Halelysuit

Halley says, “I especially want more women to become entrepreneurs because I think they are well suited to the unpredictable path a new business usually takes and I want people to learn the lessons of entrepreneuring via a novel, not a business book, and not a textbook.”

Her book aims to inspire female and male entrepreneurs alike and make them all say, “I can do that!”

Just like the business novel, The Goal, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox, which MBA students read to learn about running a factory, the book will give readers an inside look at an accelerator program and teach them about founding start-ups, as well as show them the crazy fun that entrepreneurs have outside the accelerator walls.

Help make her book a reality through Kickstarter. Any pledge that you make will contribute towards an editor, a proofreader, a book cover designer and as well as create a small budget for book promotion when the book is launched.  $15,000 is her goal however even a pledge of $1.00 will get you a preview copy of the book in digital format as soon as it’s done.

How cool is this? Some of the pledge levels let YOU write part of her book whereby you can create a fictional start-up, write their elevator pitch and give birth to an imaginary CEO. A pledge level above the imaginary company level is all about REAL start-ups, meaning, she’ll mention your actual start-up company in her book and your CEO. As she says with humor, “My character will drink your soda.”

I love it! Check out the Kickstarter project here and donate away. If you’re broke, then tweet and Facebook away so others can learn about the book.

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