For The LOVE Of Art (Thanks Artists)+ Cirque Du Soleil


It really is a spectacular show! 2 hours of pure amazement. I am so in awe of the ability of the human body and the concentration, dedication and drive it would take to be able to do what they do!! Check out their website: Cirque du Soleil

Between ooo’s and aahh’s and oh no’s. I kept thinking, this is live, this is real, we are here and people are doing this. The music is live the performance is live and how rare it is these days for us to have the opportunity or make the time to see live events. Especially events of human body wonders.. The circus…

It’s a shame art is valued so little in our society. As an artist and as an artist who makes my living selling my art, I find, these days in the world of computers and short attention spans, I spend more time marketing my jewelry than actually designing and making it. Of course that is the never-ending battle of the professional artist, but as I sat last night and watched in wonder, I thanked all the artists hard work, and I thanked all the artists out there in the world who continue doing what they believe in despite all the obstacles and up hill battles of society not understanding why anyone would do that when they can ‘make’ money doing something else…

So to all you artists out there.. Thank you!! Thank you for making the world a more beautiful, interesting, unique and wonderous place… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Samia Shalabi
Samia Shalabi is a Seattle based artist & designer, yogi and traveler who has roots in the Middle-East, was raised in the middle-west and is drawn to India. She has a degree in geology, has traveled all over the world with a backpack, and believes in following her dreams. Samia does yoga most mornings, enjoys walks around Seattle, loves to laugh, and daydreams about where to travel next. She is working on a movie shoot in France.
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