Ever Tried a Martini From South Dakota?


Indisputably the classiest of regional drinks, this alcoholic mixed beverage has limited ingredients and does not require a proper martini glass.  Tip it into a mason jar and stir with your finger, it’ll only add to the flavor.

Making a South Dakota Martini


  • 1/2 pint of domestic lager; preferably Pabst Blue Ribbon or Bud Light; best if poured from draft, not bottle.
  • 1/2 pint of tomato juice.
  • 4-10 green olives, to taste.
  • 2-4 pickle slices, to taste.

Pour beer into a chilled drinking container.  Add tomato juice until liquid reaches the top of the glass.  Drop in additional vegetables.  Drink & enjoy.

The origins of this martini are unknown.  Though common misconception credits Nebraska with its creation, what is known is that it disappears from menus east of the Mississippi.

Not to be confused with the popular Midwest red beer (tomato juice + lager) or the fishy mixture favored by our Canadian neighbors to the north (tomato juice + lager + clam juice), the uniqueness of this mix depends on the pimento-stuffed olives and dilled cucumbers.

A general consensus taken at my work place, Creek Bar & Grill, confirmed that South Dakota specialties deserve more world renown; so, if this spirited concoction puts us on the globe, then cheers to that!

Check out this map, compiled by the Brew Blog- Houston Press, to find out what liquid attributes belong to the other 49 US States.

Kelli Mutchler
Kelli Mutchler left a small, Midwest American town to prove that Yanks can, and do, chose alternative lifestyles. On the road for five years now, Kelli has tried news reporting and waitressing, bungy jumping and English teaching. Currently working with Burmese women refugees in Thailand, she hopes to pursue a MA in Global Development. Opportunities and scenes for international travel are encouraged on her blog, www.toomutchforwords.com.
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