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Those of you who have taken a break from blogging know how awkward your first attempt at a post can be…..it’s not really writer’s block, it’s as if the medium has changed in your mind. In dealing with a family estate in upstate New York for the past month, there are so many intense memories, visuals that words can’t possibly capture, and surreal moments, that they belong in a novel, not on a blog.

Having said that, perhaps I’ll try to capture some of the more powerful images over the next couple of months.

Dismantling, selling, tossing and redistributing 60 years of your parents lives has to be one of the most daunting things that any of us go through. Like death and divorce, yet unlike these powerful and confusing parting rites of passage, closing the chapter on your parents lives is an experience that constantly weaves in treasure after treasure, each one explaining a difference nuance……the why behind the skip in your walk or intonation in your voice, and the trigger behind so many of your life decisions.

You’ll come across an old letter written from one relative to another, remnants from several wars gone by, a Daguerreotype photograph, a dish that belonged to your great grandmother or the shirt that your grandfather wore for thirty years……….visuals that bring on all of your senses and capture the smells, sounds and voices from a 1940s movie, only every character in that movie is somehow attached to your heritage. And then, for a moment — a very long moment — time stands still.

During this stillness, there is no sadness, no tears, and no pain…..it’s a blissful skip back into childhood, where the world around you represents a colorful rainbow and the image on your canvas is viewed through a pair of innocent eyes that haven’t yet been witness to the detached world. Oh detached world.

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