Canada’s Long Point Provincial Park in Southern Ontario


In Canada’s Southern Ontario, Long Point Provincial Park offers canoeing, bird watching, beach, biking, peace and relaxation and it’s only a two hour drive from Toronto. Read about why Long Point is a road trip you must do.  Within Long Point sits Long Point Provincial Park which was established in 1921.

The park isn’t so much a hidden gem as it is more of a well known summer wonderland for all sorts of nature lovers. Residents in this part of Ontario and visitors from Western New York and even Pennsylvania know Long Point all too well. It’s a retreat, a time for peace and relaxation with some fun in the water.

Long Point is located within a World Biosphere Reserve. There’s nearly 2km of beach available for you to enjoy but keep in mind that there are no lifeguards on the beach and they say Lake Erie can have a pretty mean undertow so safety is key. If you’re a bird lover, Long Point is one of the most important spots for bird watching and bird studying in Canada. So important that the Long Point Bird Observatory is the oldest bird observatory in North America. Hundreds of thousands of migrating birds pass through here in the Fall and Spring. There are also more than 300 migratory bird species that visit.

All of these activities add up to a pretty good day and if you’re lucky, a pretty enjoyable week.

It’s costs $14.50 to enter Long Point Provincial Park. You get access to all the amenities and it’s obviously convenient for those staying a while. But if you’re only there for a short time and just want to hit the beach, you can try to find a spot to park your car on the side of Erie Boulevard (the main road leading to the park) and walk 1 block south to Beach Avenue. There, you’ll find pedestrian access points to the public beach which connects to the Park beach.

Park your cars where you’re allowed to do so and keep in mind that if you’re walking along the beach and reach the Park boundary, there are a few park rules that are posted.

I have to make something clear. I’m not a fan of scamming the system or not paying for what I use. I feel that parks in general are treasures that we should invest in. But if you want to save $15 bucks and take in the beach, this is a good alternative.

Naturally, after a long day at the beach, you need ice cream. The Long Point Ice Cream shack has you covered. Located at probably the best location possible, this place has nearly 2 dozen flavours to make you happy. By the way, the ice cream is damn creamy and delicious. Ice cream with a view on the beach. Right?!

There you have it! Long Point Provincial Park. Another beautiful location along Lake Erie in picturesque Norfolk County. Of course, you can make it a beach weekend both here and in Port Dover, which as you may have read in a previous article, comes complete with palm trees and restaurants.

Jim Bamboulis
Jim Bamboulis has held several posts over the past 12 years, including National Sportscaster, Food Host and Writer, Talk Show Host, Olympic Researcher and Travel Film-maker.

Born and raised in Toronto, Jim learned early on that the combination of travel and food meant ultimate living. Combining his insatiable creative spirit and desire to document his travels, Jim took his unshakable travel bug and set off to explore. Add the fact that Jim also grew up in a Greek household and he learned that not only does Mom always make the best meals, but as importantly learned the importance of understanding and appreciating the countless beautiful cultures and the integral role food plays in every corner of the World.

In August 2009, Jim founded Travel Mammal, a site that brings together his travels and experiences (both good and terrifying) with the hope that others are inspired to share their own. We are all storytellers, especially when it comes to travel and food. He urges everyone to be inspired, explore and love the world and the people that share it with us. Or in other words, Live to Travel and travel to live!
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