Bathroom Fans: UGGGH

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What do you think of when you walk into a hotel bathroom, switch the light on and the fan starts automatically, meaning that its linked to the one and only light and you are forced to hear its noisy motor running whether you want to or not?

I think of Motel 8 and every hotel like it in its category. Hey, Motel 8 is great and I’ve camped in one more than once, especially on those long across country hauls. But I’d expect more from a so-called higher-end hotel.

I’m at the Hotel Max in Seattle which prides itself as the most artistic hotel in downtown Seattle. And yes, they have automatic fans with no option to turn them off if the light is on. Cheeezy…given that they are trying to be hip and higher end, the designer who went for that choice made a big mistake.

Their behind-the-counter staff needs a little coaching about customer service however I have to admit, the AM manager turned around a smoking room screw-up on a dime and with grace. Smart PR move on his part.

The hallways and rooms have the feel of a W, Paramount or similar-like hotel property, meaning the rooms are small but modern, the soaps say body and face in big white letters on matted black paper, and the housecleaning/do not disturb signs say Yup and Nope. This one tries to be hip at $240 a night, which I thought was high for Seattle.

The cool parts? They give you a cozy duvet, tons of white plush pillows, and the doors are plastered with black and white shots from established Seattle artists and photographers.

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