America’s Pacific Northwest: 3 Experiential Things To Do In Seattle

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lake union

Lake Union in Seattle. Photo courtesy of Chas Redmond.

While the sunshine brings people out of their homes in the summer, the heat makes them gravitate toward the water. In Seattle, there are many fun and interesting ways to get on the water, helping you stay cool in a scenic way. For those who want to enjoy the city’s aquatic experiences, here are some suggestions.

Take The Ferry To Bainbridge Island

Taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island is a top way to get on the water in Seattle. In total the ride takes about 30 minutes, and allows you to take in the Seattle skyline as it fades away. You may even spot a whale while on board, as the Puget Sound is full of orcas, humpback, minke and gray whales. Once on the island, you can continue your aquatic adventure by swimming from the beach, kayaking, canoeing and even scuba diving.

Go Whale Watching

For those interested in getting on the water in Seattle and seeing marine life, Seattle whale watching is a popular adventure. Near Seattle’s San Juan Islands — considered the “jewels” of the Pacific Northwest — the waters are plentiful with whales, as the salmon-rich waters provide these aquatic mammals with 95% of their diet. While your best bet for seeing orcas and minkes is between mid-May and late September, early March through mid-May is prime time for gray whales. From October through November, humpbacks can be spotted. For your best chances at spotting whales take a whale watching tour from Seattle with a knowledgeable guide. If you’d rather do it on your own, visit Lime Kiln Point State Park, also known as “Whale Watch Park,” on San Juan Island for a good chance at seeing these beautiful creatures.

Enjoy Recreational Water Activities On Lake Union

A freshwater glacial lake that joins the waters of Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, Lake Union is a beautiful sight. Not only that, but it’s a great way to get on the water in Seattle as it’s home to a number of recreational activities. There are many interesting Lake Union experiences to be had. Along with kayaking, canoeing and standup paddle boarding, visitors can enjoy land-based activities around the lake. There are a number of parks surrounding Lake Union, like Gas Works Park, North Passage Point Park, South Passage Point Park, Fairview Park, Terry Pettus Park, and South Lake Union Park, all offering their own unique scenery and recreation. Another way to get on the water in Seattle at Lake Union is to take a tour, like a narrated cruise to learn more about the area in a relaxing and ambient manner.


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