South Dakota and Minnesota in Winter

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Here are some fabulous Midwest photos over the holidays and into January from South Dakota and Minnesota, which albeit cold in the winter, is beautiful.. Most are nature related as I’m still really drawn to the beauty and simplicity of the landscape around eastern South Dakota, as well as the Midwest weather. We had a little of everything low sun across the Great Plains, rain, snow, and even a rainbow!

doors at fence

Recycling. Old colorful doors made into a fence! Came across this on my walk yesterday in Minneapolis!

winter barn

Barns in @SouthDakota look beautiful any time of year.


A walk in the woods is so much prettier when there’s a blanket if snow!

abandoned farm house

Fixer-upper in the neighborhood. #southdakota


I feel like I just opened the freezer door – everything has a little frost on it! Stay warm today!

snow prairie

Snow, ice, and wind. Winter on the prairie in @SouthDakota – you have to be hearty here.

barn winter

First snow, last light.


Hard to believe that in December its raining in Minneapolis! So happy this isn’t snow while I’m in transit today!

south dakota rainbow

@SouthDakota welcomed me last night with a winter rainbow on the prairie!


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