Where to Find Class American Dishes in the Big Apple

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Truth be told, it’s kind of cute how the rest of the USA likes to think it’s good at something. “Hey!” the other 49 say, “we have things that make us special, too! New York might be the de-facto capital, a byword for style and culture, but we’re important as well!”

So adorable.

Okay, dropping the patronizing tone for a moment, there’s a nugget of truth here. Some states in the US actually do do things in a specific, special way. There’s no denying it; every state (apart from the frankly interchangeable ones in flyover country – kidding!;-) has something that makes it unique.

So does that mean to sample the best the USA has to offer, you have to zip across thousands of miles to thrill your taste buds? Of course not. Whatever the rest of the country can do, NYC has still got you covered.

Alaskan Appetite: Salmon

The crisp, cold waters of Alaska just scream salmon – and no wonder, given how frequently the imagery is used in adverts.

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/TheMusketRoom

Thankfully, you don’t have to venture into the frozen wilderness to get your fix of the most sumptuous and nutritious pink fish of them all. The Musket Room in Nolita can satisfy your salmon cravings whenever it wants. The Ora King salmon will thrill any seafood lover thanks to head chef Matt Lambert. And thanks to the herb garden right outside the restaurant, the food on offer is some of the freshest that you’ll find.

Bourbon Bliss: Kentucky

Ah, Kentucky, you’re not famed for much but New York is still going to steal some of the glory that you do have. Bourbon might not be to everyone’s tastes, but if you do like it, then you probably love it.

There are plenty of distilleries in and around New York, most of which offer tasting rooms so you can sample to your palette’s content. The Van Brunt distillery in Brooklyn has a particular charm and are famed for their experimentation with bourbon flavors. If you like a walk on the wild side with a rustic flavor, then look no further than these innovative distillers.

Cheers, Chicago: Pizza

So, pizza. It’s Chicago’s thing. It’s literally a brand name for a type of pizza. Deep dish. It’s a big deal.

But why should deep dish be seen as the heart and soul of what makes good pizza? NY is coming right back with their own take. Generally thinner and foldable, there’s more options in the city than you can shake a stick at, but try and make your way to Tappo, West 24th St, just down from the Flatiron building – so perfect for two tourist stops in one. It’s famed for its thin crust pizza and prices that even the most meager budget can afford.

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/TappoThinCrust

California Craze: Wine

California is the beating heart of the “New World” wine scene – and to be frank, there’s too much to compete with there. The Eastern climate of New York doesn’t lend itself to grape growing, or at least not the kind of grapes that produce the best wine.

However, that doesn’t mean that the city is a total dud for the wine connoisseur looking to spoil themselves. Perhaps the best option is a NYC wine tasting, so you can sample the fruits of the labor of others while looking out on the most famous skyline in the world.

Florida Favorites: Key Lime Pie

So the state with the southernmost point of the US thinks it’s the only place for this delicious dessert delicacy? Not at all. One of the finest bakeries in New York has got all the pie you could need – from key lime to anything else you could possibly dream of. Petee’s is a New York staple, situated on the Lower East Side on Delancey Street.

The key lime pie is a special favorite, baked using fresh limes and a meringue topping made with vanilla and sea salt. And don’t worry, if key lime isn’t your thing, then the bakery is famed for its wide selection. It’s almost impossible that you won’t find something you love.

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/peteespiecompany

So while the rest of the USA may lay their claims to certain food and drink items, that doesn’t mean NYC is left deficient. Traveling is always a worthwhile endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be a necessity if you want your tastebuds tantalized. If needs be, you can follow through with some of the above and escape to New York.




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