Where to go for the Best Coffee in New York City

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We love coffee and it isn’t something we New Yorkers don’t take lightly: besides finding a spot with spot-on baristas that perfect your cup of brew every single time, it certainly helps for the place to have a bit of character of it’s own.  We asked some in-the-know New Yorkers what their go-to coffee shop is and why, and here’s what they had to say:


My favorite in NYC is Aroma Espresso Bar. They have fantastic coffee, hot and ice, fresh food and a welcoming atmosphere. At their location on the Upper West Side, they also have a nice outdoor patio! -Eric Levy, Co-Founder and CEO of YourNeighborhood

OST in Alphabet City might just be my all time favorite spot for a chat over a gossip magazine, latte, and street-style watching. The store front is lined with massive window panes, allowing that enchanting spring light to flow in from Avenue A  (I must admit, it illuminates the space perfectly for a Saturday afternoon selfie). Add a little cinnamon to their cold brew and life is good! While relaxing in that warm sunlight, try their decadent Nutella cookie sandwich. A cup shouldn’t run you more than $3-5, and there is no pressure to vacate your seat, so bring a book or work assignment. They even have games and wine for our more adventurous morning coffee-goers (you know who you are). Enjoy! -Rebecca Levin from The Knew York Her

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Il Café in Harlem on Lenox. I actually don’t drink coffee too much but I love a good Chai Tea Latte with Whip Cream and a cinnamon stick from here. -Monroe Steele from Fashion Steele NYC

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I get my morning coffee from Stumptown on 18 West 29th Street, there are lines around the block and it’s all cash- but highly worth the dead presidents for it’s raw deliciousness. -Brian Hopson @actorbrian

Stumptown has been a West Coast institution since 1999 and only since 2009 has it been seen on the East Coast. This particular branch, which is one of my favorite coffee shops in NYC, is on W 8th St (at McDougal St). It’s open from 7 AM onwards. They have two different sections – the one in the front has “regular coffee” and the one in the back has specialty coffee made and it’s called the brew bar. There is free tasting every day at 2pm in the brew bar which is pretty popular. They serve amazing coffee and great pastries and donuts on the side. If you include in the amazing décor, complimentary Wi-Fi and ample seating, the flagship store in the Greenwich Village is an all-round hit. -Admin of @WeAreNewYorkers

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In my old neighborhood, I used to love to go to Maison Kaiser and sit at a table for a mocha and a croissant.  I thought their mochas were pretty delicious and they always gave you a little sweet treat on the side. -Natalie Stanton from NatFlyLove

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Dichters Pharmacy/Soda Shoppe. It’s a throwback to the old timey lunch counter soda fountain places. -Rachel Figueroa-Levin @Jewyorican

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I often make it at home with beans I get from Long Island City’s Sweetleaf or local Astoria roaster Native Coffee, but when I go out, I often get it at The Coffee Pot, which is a little deli near my apartment. Their iced lattes are my favorite – just a little bitter and very refreshing. I’m also a fan of the coffee at The Queens Kickshaw, where I’ll always get a strong cup and gorgeous streamed milk; the abovementioned Sweetleaf is my go-to in neighboring LIC, where their lattes are fab. -Meg Cotner from We Heart Astoria

Sweetleaf is the best coffee on the planet.  I use it in my personal restaurant.  No one cares about coffee as much as the owner Ritchie. -@liceateries

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I love the espresso and pour-over coffee at The Queens Kickshaw (40-17 Broadway, Astoria, NY) but when that’s not possible, it’s our trusty old Keurig, cause THREE KIDS. -@AstoriaHaiku

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Jersey City

I get my first cup of jo at The Warehouse Cafe in the Powerhouse Arts District of Downtown Jersey City where I used to work as a barista. They brew Intelligentsia Coffee and have the best-looking industrial decor. The space is a great place of pilgrimage for creative types like me. I personally spend long work hours here. You’ll find knick-knacks, trinkets, books and magazines sprinkled about the bare space – those and the communal tables are great brainstorm-instigators. At the same time, because it’s a little out of the way and tucked in between old warehouses, it’s also a great spot to unplug, start and finish a book in one sitting, or play chess and Scrabble and no one will bother you. -Marinell Montales from Downtown, Natch!

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What are we missing?  Share your go-to coffee shop below!





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