The French Donut Hits New York City With a Bang

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Move over, cronuts.  Starting on June 22nd, the French Donut is coming into the New York City foodie scene with a bang.  Seriously guys, all this madness we have been reading about the $100 cronut craze out there has got to stop, cause we have something much better.


Get yourself over to Mille-feuille Bakery and for $5.00 a pop, try a Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, or Raspberry pastry that can be described as half croissant, half donut, an amazing filled center, topped with a whole lotta French elegance that we know and love so much.  Mille-feuille has been written up in the Wall Street Journal as having the best croissant in town, and we at UsedYorkCity absolutely agree with them.  I mean, just check out that flaky center!



These delectable little treats are not to be missed.  The Vanilla Bean was my personal favorite, so much so, I’m thinking of scrapping the cupcake tower at my wedding reception in favor of a French Donut tower…Eiffel Tower style, of course.

Best part?  There are no restrictions on the amount of French Donuts you can take home, so get that sweet tooth ready!  I, for one, know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow.



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