Summertime Rendevous For Broadway In New York City’s Bryant Park

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Nothing says romance quite like a summertime rendevous in the park.  And when that rendevous includes free performances from Broadway’s biggest stars, plus delicious custom made ice cream bars, well.  We think that’s just fabulous.

The Shows

Broadway in Bryant Park is a summertime tradition in New York City.  Every Thursday from 12:30 to 1:30, you can hunker down on the lawn with your sweetie and watch musical numbers from four of the biggest shows on Broadway. This is a fantastic way to see some of the best theater in the world for absolutely free, and also to decide what shows you love enough to go spend money on.

The Ice Cream Bars

You may have seen the quirky Magnum Ice Cream bar advertisements around town, “Make My Magnum”, (I have one right by my house on a phone booth, causing a constant craving of chocolate drizzle, go figure.)  Anyhow, they opened a pop-up-shop in Bryant Park that your sweet-toothed date will just swoon over.  You order a naked bar, choose your dip, and top it off with up to three delicious toppings (toasted coconut, anyone?)  Perfect way to keep you cool during the show, while also putting enough pep in your step for the rest of the afternoon in the office.

The hour of Broadway sing-a-longs is free, and the customized ice cream bars will set you back $5 a pop, or $3 for an original.



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