Renewed East Coast Energy

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New York New York – such a wonderful place. I am always reminded how great this city is every time I set foot on its energizing soil, whether I’m here for business or pleasure. My favorite bar Le Ciel Rouge is now closed, so it was Italian in Chelsea and sushi in mid-town.

Despite my addiction to Broadway, it took me years to finally get around to seeing Lion King. Thanks to Ray Kurzweil, my experience of it was third row center.


The performance leaves you singing for hours, puts a skip in your walk and reminds you that your inner voice — your powerful voice — is always alive. Ah yes, Lion King also brings out the inner child in ways we need to do so much more often.

I’m back at the Marquis again, the hotel that takes you as long to get to your room because of elevator wait times as it does to get from mid-town to the Village.

Since my last visit, they introduced the Miconic 10, what they refer to as a revolution in elevator technology. Who are they kidding? More than once, I heard someone say on the way up (the long way up), “I’d love to meet the guy who sold them this elevator system.”

Easy to use, they say. Push the number of your floor FIRST and a light with a letter tells you which elevator to stand in front of. It’s supposed to reduce congestion however it tells everyone to go to the same elevator and you have no control over what floor you can hop off at, once you enter. Ya gotta love that word revolutionary.

Being here however is a wonderful reminder of that East Coast edge, the dynamic energy that New York exudes in ways no other American city has ever been able to match.

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