NY Institute Of Aromatherapy & The Magic of Essential Oils

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Let’s face it! I’ve been getting more into natural remedies as I’m getting older, so when a woman from my yoga class asked if I’d be interested in checking out the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, I couldn’t help but say, “of course, I’d love to,” right away.

The actual center is a small storefront in the East Village, where you can both take classes to become certified in aromatherapy as well as purchase a myriad of oils and goodies.


My “issue” was wanting to craft a scent which would improve my energy/focus levels.  While I typically start the day on a chipper level, I tend to be pretty much wiped out by the time 7pm roles around which is when my hubby gets home to take over his Augusten-shift, and I can start my writing projects.

Obviously I don’t want to brew a pot of coffee, because staying up all night isn’t ideal, either, so a non-caffeinated solution would be mighty appreciated.


After I did some smelling of scents and picked which did and didn’t resonate with me, my teacher-in-training created a spray for me, which can be used as a room spray or a more concentrated spray to put onto a cotton ball and inhale as needed.

It contained lemongrass, rosemary, vetiver, and bergamot and honestly smells incredible.  I’ve been using it all week, and I really do feel more focused!


Would love to know…how have your thoughts?  Share below!

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