New York & The Gotham Comedy Night Club

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Fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series will be aware that, unlike its two predecessors, The Dark Knight Rises was filmed in New York City in addition to having scenes shot in locations as varied as India, Italy, and the UK. But what can Bat-crazed visitors to New York get up to when they’ve seen the locations where the Dark Knight rose? Here are some ideas to get you started.

New York is full of fantastic casinos, so take the opportunity to visit them and play some games. One of the most famous is the Resorts World Casino on Rockaway Boulevard. You can enjoy everything from slots to roulette, and the casino has over 2,200 machines to choose from. Take your friends for dinner, drinks, and some games for a truly memorable night.


Choose between the Times Square and Fifth Avenue casino floors.

If you haven’t packed a suit however, you can always stay in your hotel room, logon at Mr Smith Casino and play The Dark Knight Rises online. Order some drinks and food, kick back and have some late night fun, Gotham style.

Have a few drinks and a lot of laughs.


Not only does it have a perfect name, the Gotham Comedy Club is a legendary venue that has hosted some true comedy greats. It was initially formed in 1996 and located on West 22nd Street before a 2006 move to West 23rd. Superstars like Louis C.K., Nick Cannon, and Dave Chappelle perform at the club, and it has hosted TV and movie cameras more than once. If you recognize the interior from your TV, it could be because Live at Gotham is shot here by Comedy Central. Cult hit Curb Your Enthusiasm started out here: its pilot was filmed in the club.

Four female friends toasting with wine in nightclub

There are a few rooms to choose from, including the Vintage Lounge and the Metropolitan Room, so book a table today and enjoy a night of luxury and laughter. The Joker would be proud!

Whatever you do in New York, it’s sure to be memorable, so make the most of it!

Contributed by Miia Karttunen

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