The Most Decadent Hot Chocolate In NYC

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If you’re in New York City and it’s winter cold temperatures, you’re going to likely crave a hot chocolate at some point. When you go for hot chocolate at The City Bakery and the barista behind the counter warns, “if it’s your first time, I recommend you start with the small or medium, but stay away from the large”, you know you’re in for a treat.  My sisters and I were City Bakery virgins and our eyes were clearly bigger than our stomachs, because we went for the medium and legit could only finish about a fourth of our cups, each.  So rich.  So smooth.  So insanely decadent.  It’s the ultimate wintertime for chocolate lovers in the city.  And please please please, whatever you do, don’t skimp on the homemade marshmallow, because as delicious as the cocoa was, the mallow was my favorite part.

Besides having the best cocoa, oh, EVER, I loved how spacious the bakery was–perfect for nestling in with a good winter read or elevated coffee (but cocoa!) date with a friend.  Oh!  And in February the bakery is hosting their annual Hot Chocolate Festival, with a different flavor cocoa each day.  Past flavors have included Fresh Ginger Cocoa, Beer Cocoa, Lemon Dark Chocolate, and Banana Peel Hot Chocolate.  See you all there?;-)

What’s the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had?  Share below!

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