3 Fun & Experiential Restaurants in the Big Apple

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Going out to eat should be just as much about the experience as it is the food.  These three do it for me, every time.

Freemans: For Comfort Food Classics and a Cozy Downtown Vibe

Tucked down a little alley in the Lower East Side, this restaurant embodies classic Americana–the dishes here are simple, rustic, and inspired by old world traditions.  Think: ooey-gooey mac-n-cheese, butternut squash schnitzle, and wild rice crispy treats. Produce is all sourced locally in New York, and the interior design makes me want to wrap up in a big wool sweater, sipping cocktails well past brunch.


Panna II: For Indian Staples With The Most Festive Atmosphere You’ll Find This Side Of Bengal

This is my go-to restaurant anytime there’s a reason to bust out the bubbly and get silly on a budget: birthdays, engagements, TGIF…you name it!  Kitschy as it is, I adore this pepper-light strewn, BYOB restaurant, complete with upbeat staff who will ensure every visit feels like a reason to celebrate.  The dishes are your typical Indian fare–but so good–and plenty of options for vegetarians.


ABC Kitchen: For High-Quality Dishes You Can Feel Good About Eating

I believe the exact words uttered the first time I ate at ABC were “Best. Salad. Ever.”  And coming from a vegetarian who eats LOTS of greens, this is a big, bold statement.  With Jean-Georges name behind it, you can be assured your seasonally inspired meal is going to shine, and the all white decor is as fresh as the farm-to-table goodness you’ll be putting in your mouth.


This round-up was inspired by citizenMag’s article on their Top 3 restaurants in Glasgow, which challenged me to come up with my own guide for New York.

We’d love to know…if you had to pick your top 3 restaurants in your city, what would they be?  Share below!

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