The Top 15 Most Suicidal Cities in America: Do You Live in One of Them?

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Below is the top list in order of cities with the most number of suicides in the United States. It’s likely not a surprise that Las Vegas ranks at the top with increases year over year.

1. LAS VEGAS: A 20.7% change in Las Vegas’ suicide rates with the highest one coming in at 35.6 in 1993.

2. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: The highest rate was 27.8 in 1995. Colorado’s high altitude may be to blamed: Oxygen deprivation is believe to worsen depression and be a strong suicide predictor.

3. TUCSON: Tucson’s suicide rates have changed by 21.2% with the rate being the highest at 29 in 1999.

4. SACRAMENTO: The highest suicide rate hit at 27.3 in 1997.

5. ALBURQUERQUE NM: According to the New Mexico Suicide Prevention Resource Center, an average of 342 residents died each year from suicides between 1999 to 2005. Senior citizens are the most common victims.

6. MESA, AZ: According to city-data, Mesa has an unemployment rate of 7.9% as of March 2011.

7. MIAMI: In 2011, the cost of living index in Miami is 115.9 which leads the U.S. average of 100, according to city-data. Miami also has an unemployment rate of 13.1%.

8.  DENVER CO: The High-Mile City has had a -35.5% change in suicide rates from 1990 to 2004 with a peak in 1990 at 25.1.

9. JACKSONVILLE, FLA: There was a 16.3% change in Jacksonville’s suicide rates and the highest annual rate was 18.6 in 1990. (FLA is the second highest state in the nation, taking over 2,000 every year)

10. WITCHITA KS: According to city-data, Wichita has an unemployment rate of 9.2% as of March 2011.

11. PITTSBURG PA: Pittsburgh has a crime index of 440.7 compared to the average U.S. crime index of 279 in 2009.

12. PORTLAND OR: There was a 12.9 percent change in suicide rates in Portland with a high of a 21.6 annual rate in 1994.

13. FRESNO: There was an 11% change in suicide rates in Fresno with a peak reached at 19.2 in 1992.

14. PHOENIX: Phoenix had a 22.3% change in suicidal rates, reaching the high mark in 1995 with an annual rate of 19.

15. TULSA: Tulsa had a 50.1% change in suicide rates — the highest was 34.2 in 2002.

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