Caesar's Palace Qua Bath & Spa in Las Vegas

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The Qua Bath & Spa in Caesar’s Palace along the Las Vegas strip has been ranked 28th in Conde Nast Traveler’s 2013 Reader’s Poll of the top 100 Resort Spas in the U.S., which is up from a ranking of #51 in 2012, making Qua Baths & Spa the top ranked resort Spa in Las Vegas!

A traditional bathing ritual revered by Roman society, Qua’s signature Roman Baths offer peaceful gathering spaces in private men’s and women’s areas. Featuring three pools of distinct temperatures, mineral-enriched waters help to restore natural elements of the skin while hot and cold water therapy work to improve circulation, remove toxins and reenergize the body. The Tepidarium pool has warm mineral-enriched waters, which helps to restore natural elements of skin; the Caldarium pool features hot mineral-enriched waters to release tension and soothe muscles and the Frigidarium pool offers icy, mineral waters to help to invigorate and detoxify.

Alongside the ever so cool Roman Baths, they offer a number of traditional massages and facials as well. Additionally, a few noted treatments include the following which jumped out at me as being unique in the traditional spa world.

NAGOM I RITUAL which they refer to as a journey of sensations. This exquisite experience begins with a relaxing floral foot bath and luxurious foot treatment utilizing crystallized honey particles to tenderly exfoliate your tired feet. Four different Aroma Nectars are then drizzled along the spinal column as a prelude to the sumptuous massage performed with your chosen Aroma Massage Oil. An intoxicating blend of Thai, Balinese and Shiatsu movements work to increase relaxation, joint mobility and energy flow. This ritual includes a facial treatment involving the latest trend in aesthetic medicine, Carboxitherapy, a novel technique that employs CO2 to combat the signs of aging resulting in a visible revitalization of the skin.

The offer a couple’s Signature Stone Massage. QUA scent infused into precious oils is a treatment which pays special attention to the subtle body chakras, aligning energy centers and restoring body integrity.

They also offer a Lomi-lomi treatment, which is a rich, authentic experience of the spirit of Hawaiian Healing. It is based on Hawaiian concepts of working with the body, mind and spirit.  Lomi-lomi symbolically means to communicate energetically deep within the bones of the individual. Each Las Vegas massage Artisan at Caesars Palace has been fully trained by Dr. Maka’ala Yates, a renowned Hawaiian medicine specialist.

Their Fountain of Youth treatment is a traditional Shirodhara treatment where warm, healing botanical oils are slowly poured onto the “third eye” chakra, awakening the seat of intuition. The oils are then massaged into your hair and scalp, followed by energy work to fully balance your chakras.

The Ayurvedic Journey treatment uses ancient herbal formulas which are then personalized to rejuvenate the mind and body while restoring peace and vitality. They start off with an herbal body mask from head to toe followed by a massage incorporated with balancing energy work. A relaxing finale includes a soothing heat wrap as a stream of warm oil trickles onto your forehead before being massaged into your scalp, a treatment known as Shirodhara.

The Mojave Rain Treatment includes ancient Native American rituals from the sacred desert in which the Las Vegas Strip lays. Incorporating sacred plants, oils and the four directions to tantalize the senses and deepen awareness, the artisan begins the treatment by burning sage and sweet grass to welcome positive energy. Detoxifying and balancing essential oils are cascaded along the back and feet while the artisan soothes away tension with a harmonizing massage and balancing energy work.

What else makes this spa unique is its sheer size. The 50,000 square foot oasis is large enough to be able to offer everything from traditional massage, to hypnotherapy, to an Ayurvedic series which includes signature chakra balancing and Shirodhara treatments as noted above.

Very cool design elements include an overhead waterfall accent that graces the main entrance and a steady flow of cascading waterfalls throughout.  The Qua spa features 51 treatment studios including seven facial rooms, three private couple’s studios, three wet rooms with Vichy showers, a cedar wood sauna, herbal steam room, whirlpool, tea lounge and 5,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art fitness center. A separate Men’s Zone offers a full service barber shop. Yes, really.

Cooled to 55-degrees, Qua’s Arctic Ice Room (below) features stone-heated benches, snowflakes that cascade from the ceiling and an ice fountain that dispenses shaved ice chips to revitalize and remedy sore, tired muscles. Aqua blue glass pebbles and iridescent Sicis mosaic tiles offset by fiber optic lighting create the backdrop of Qua’s soothing cold treatment room. I have to admit….it was very cool, but I’m such a warm weather gal that I didn’t stay in it for very long.

I tried one of their more unique treatments, something they refer to as the Soulful Journey” by KSTechnique. The treatment is more about healing, creating balance and “letting go” than a traditional massage, although massage is part of the experience. The idea and hope is that through the experience, you will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul, connect with your higher self and lift your spirit by aligning your physical, emotional and spiritual being.

The journey begins by setting your intention for the experience. A Tree-of-Life energy reading continues the process along with harmonizing crystals, bringing
you into grounded tranquility. This gentle yet powerful healing technique facilitates balance. Sacred essential oil blends of Earth, Water, Fire or Air are then massaged into your body while you experience Chromotherapy, a soothing color-light therapy.

A scientific approach to healing, Soulful Journey is a result of inspiration coupled with decades of study and practice. Qua Artisans performing Soulful Journey have successfully completed a certified training program in KSTechnique (Kabbalah Somatic Technique). This nationally certified program requires in-depth knowledge of the healing arts beyond a therapeutic sense. They perform an individualized assessment of your anatomy called “The Tree of Life,” which is an energy field made up of energy centers, or holographic chakras called sephirots. Soulful Journey aims to bridge and combine the numerous healing modalities found around the world.

I loved the experience and would definitely return. For me, it’s all about going to a place of serenity to unwind when I visit a spa, so the real joy comes from the overall experience which begins the moment you enter. Qua Spa certainly provided it, however if you’re also into celebrities, the spa has had countless celeb sightings as well, including the likes of Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Justin Timberlake, Eva Longoria, Mario Lopez, Ryan Gosling, and Selma Blair to name a few.

Note: I was hosted by the spa but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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