Cape Cod’s Old Silver Beach

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When I lived in Boston, one of my favorite things to do during the summer was visit the Cape. With the two-hour drive down from Boston, it was always an easy day trip—even if there was lots of traffic.

If you’re not from the northeast, you might be surprised to learn that Cape Cod is actually a pretty big area. And the two hour drive from Boston just gets you to the very beginning of the Cape. Anything further and you’re adding more and more time to the drive.

And while the traffic down Route 3 might be bearable, once you’re on the single (sometimes double)-lane highways that wind through Cape Cod, there’s nothing worse than traffic. Especially because food and rest stops are limited and by this point, you pretty much want to have your feet buried in sand.

So that’s why I used to always visit Old Silver Beach.

In North Falmouth, MA, it’s pretty much the closest beach to the Bourne Bridge so it’s easy to get to. And it’s beautiful. Parking spaces on this beach can be limited, however, so getting there by 10 or 11am is preferable. Otherwise you end up waiting in a queue just to park your car.

More tips about Old Silver Beach

Old Silver Beach is a quintessential gem nestled along the picturesque Cape Cod shoreline in Massachusetts. Renowned for its stunning white sand and crystal-clear waters, this iconic beach offers visitors a captivating coastal escape.

There’s a reason why it’s a favorite beach for local Cape Codders.

Parking at Old Silver Beach

One of the first things visitors appreciate about Old Silver Beach is the ample street parking available. There is a small but spacious parking lot adjacent to the beach, conveniently accommodating both locals and tourists.

During peak summer months and on weekends especially, it’s advisable to arrive early as the lot can fill up quickly due to its popularity.

How to get to Old Silver Beach from Boston

From Boston, it’s less than 2 hours to get to Old Silver Beach in Falmouth, MA – but that’s if/when there’s not a lot of traffic. From the city, take I-93 S and then MA-3 (Route 3) South to the Mid-Cape Connector in Bourne, MA. From there, take exit 55 from US-6 East.

US Route 6 is the main thoroughfare through Cape Cod which you can also take to go direct to Provincetown (my favorite spot on the Cape full of gay bars, amazing seafood restaurants, and tons of fun).

To reach Old Silver Beach, travelers can take Route 28 and turn onto Quaker Road. Following Quaker Road, they’ll arrive at the beach parking lot, marked with clear signage. The beach is easily accessible, making it a favorite destination for families and beachgoers of all ages.

Upon arrival, the sight of gentle waves rolling onto the shore and the soft, warm sand beckons visitors to unwind and relish the coastal charm. Swimming in the sparkling waters or simply basking under the sun is a delightful way to spend the day.

The beach also has basic amenities such as restrooms, outdoor showers, and a small picnic area, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Old Silver Beach’s timeless allure and its accessibility make it a cherished destination for those seeking an idyllic Cape Cod beach experience.

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